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Schedule a free consultation with personal trainer and nutrition coach Mark Santens. During your consultation we’ll discuss your goals, health history, and perceived challenges
Every client is unique and so is my personalized coaching approach. One of my core beliefs is that you cannot improve  the things you do not measure. Therefore, we’ll benchmark your past experience with resistance training, if ever, and how long it has been.  We’ll also discuss a practical approach to adjusting your nutritional intake in a nutrition plan that feels like a realistic step forward, and not an impossible challenge. Any food you can not live without can be worked into you nutrition plan. 
By the end of your free consultation you will walk away with an attainable action plan to start achieving your fitness and health goals. 
Most importantly, you’ll walk away excited, motivated, and ready to punch through old barriers with new energy. Because if you want to achieve something you’ve never had you will have to do something you’ve never done.

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