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Women’s bodies naturally produce a little testosterone, but only about 10% of what a man’s body produces, and not in the quantities required to get that big. Instead, strength training tones and strengthens muscles and raises your metabolism. You may see increased definition in your muscles, but no added bulk.
It is not uncommon after 6-8 months for the scale to start to move up little bit. At that point the amount of muscle gain is exceeding the amount of weight loss. You were always building muscle so the 30 pounds you “lost” on the scale was actually closer to 40 pounds of fat but you put on 10 pounds of muscle. At this point I recommend that my clients stop focusing on the number on the scale and instead look at how they look and how their clothes fit.
The amount of sessions per week are based on your schedule and availability, but I generally recommend 3 sessions per week, but the more sessions per week the faster you will see progress and results.
When you lift weights you are putting stress on your muscle fibers. This creates a spike in your metabolism causing your body to continuously burn calories for the next 24-36 hours. This happens because when you lift weights you are tearing your muscle fibers. The body then spends the next 36 hours working on repairing those muscles, this process requires a lot of energy, which your body will burn fat as fuel. As you build more muscle in your body, you will burn more calories at a state of rest compared to before.
I do offer home training. Due to the distance needed to drive to and from the facility, it cuts into available session times. So there is a fee that is based upon distance traveled.
I make custom work out plans for all my clients based on their specific goals, previous work out experience, prior injuries or joint pain. This plans also evolve with the clients progress to insure progressive overload.
Book an hour slot where we can do your free consultation, there is a physical assessment readiness questionnaire, where will go over only health questions that pertain to working out.